1. Select the center

Determine the center of the room before equipping the living room. This does not necessarily have to be a territorial center. For many living rooms, a fireplace, a TV or even a window can become a conditional center. In other words, what is all your furniture. Having made a choice (let the coffee table, for example), it will be easier for you to arrange the rest of the furniture. This simple trick will help you to unite all the interior objects into a single whole.

2. Sofas and armchairs

The main purpose of the living room is to collect together with the guests or the members of the household. To have long conversations or better watch a movie, install it, instead of sitting on a hard stool, to get up with the one you want after 10 minutes. Therefore, you should not save the furniture. Our opinion: - Choose high quality wallpaper and filling. In addition, wear-resistant fabrics should be changed much less frequently than poor quality materials. This will save you extra money.

3. Multifunctional furniture

You can increase the number of seats to keep flat surfaces in mind. If the coffee table is made of durable material and is at the same height as a sofa or chairs, it can easily become another seating area. To do this, you just need to remove extra decorations from the table and place some soft soft pillows on it.

4. Utensils and drawers

Not only a table but also additional furniture can be used to store things. Pay attention to the boxes and the chest. By tapping on them a pillow or a small beautiful mattress, you turn the massive things on comfortable sofas.

5. Do not forget the proportions

When taking furniture, it is important to remember the proportions. For example, the length of the coffee table should be about half or two thirds of the length of the sofa. The ottoman attached to the armchair must be its continuation - therefore, lower in height than the armchair itself.