Especially this season you will see a lot of bedroom sets and some will emphasize as a privilege the fact that there is a mattress. Of course, buying something complete gets you out of a lot of trouble. But there is a dark spot here that few give the real attention it deserves. In the market today there are double mattresses with 70 euros dimension 150x200. The bottom line is that wanting to buy a seemingly cheap set and taking advantage of the fact that there is a mattress, one buys something that is of cheap value. What's worse is the fact that the mattress in a bedroom plays perhaps the most crucial role in our rest. So it would be good to have such an opportunity to look at it in a little more detail and ask what is inside the mattress and see how much they make in the market individually the set and apart the mattress and then to really draw the conclusion whether it suits you or not.

A very important point in the sets is the construction materials and most of the time in very economical furniture the basic material is melamine. Here again a large gap is created in terms of materials. We want to emphasize that there is economical furniture and special bedroom sets with solid wood and mdf even with high quality melamine. Also something important that few pay attention to and know is the thickness of melamine. There is melamine, one minute thin, one and a half, which is what we call one and a half pain, two points and 3 points. Most quality melamine furniture that you will find in the market is made and should be made of three-point melamine. So before you buy a set or an economical melamine wardrobe, ask about its thickness. Of course the thickness is intertwined with the quality and durability of the furniture.