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Security - Server

The hosting details of the eshop are:

Organization name: Contabo GmbH

IP address:

AS (autonomous system) number and organization: AS51167 Contabo GmbH


The person in charge of the respective processor applies all the appropriate technical and organizational measures in order to ensure a high level of security regarding the processing of personal data, and indicatively implements any precautionary measures in order to:

(a) prohibit unauthorized persons from accessing processing equipment used for processing

b) avoid unauthorized reading / copying / modification / removal of data media

c) avoid the unauthorized entry of personal data

d) avoid the use of automated processing systems by unauthorized persons using data communication equipment

e) ensure that the persons authorized to be processed have access only to the data covered by their access authorization, etc.

In case of any breach of personal data, the controller shall immediately notify the competent supervisory authority (and the data subject under the conditions of Article 31 of the Rules) of the breach.