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About us

Mf home is not a simple store in the countryside. It is a place that was made with passion, and managed in difficult times to pass quality images and furniture of famous houses in the province!

For the last 11 years, we have tried to keep the bar high, to give to everyone who works with us our experience on furniture and lighting and our love for decoration.

The online shop we created is a work of many years, gathering one by one the best Greek factories that could produce furniture of requirements and high aesthetics, respectively with branded factories abroad.

In our electronic catalog there are also furniture of houses that we chose and so we created a complete electronic catalog with the best that exists in the Greek and European market.

In its pages one can get a complete picture of the furniture, see prices and pictures so that he can compose and build the house of his dreams!

The Mf home is our dream and our love, for this and we will take care in the coming years to remain one of the best shops in Greece in furniture and lighting!

We will be by the side of each of our customers before and after each sale, because beyond the commercial transaction we are interested in the result!

Yours sincerely,

Fotinakis Michalis & Dimitris